Dufresne Park, Granby, MA

This park in Granby has a lot going for it. There is a ton of playground equipment for all different ages. There is also a pond - it is across a large field from the play area so it's not as though your kids will be jumping in, but if you want to take them over there you could. There are a couple of picnic tables and some benches. There is not much shade. Midsummer, this playground can be a broiler. Lots of folks walk their dogs at Dufresne, there is a fenced off dog area for them to be leash-free. Horses are ridden there as well.

There is a porta potty there and I have been in it. With one of my sons. It could have been worse.
In June, Granby's Charter Days celebration is held here. It is a really wonderful fair with tons of stuff for your kids to enjoy.

Charter Days

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