Eric Carle Museum, Amherst, MA

On the grounds of Hampshire college sits this unusual building with it's enormous windows and gnarled apple trees studding the lawn.
There are several areas inside to explore. The staff and volunteers at the museum are very friendly and knowledgeable.
In the art room, children are invited to do a project. They can also choose to color on a papered table. If they are not interested in, or too young for, the project, they can play with a variety of toys in an attractive play area.
In the library, board books, toys and puzzles are available for play. Thousands more picture books line the shelves.
The gallery has some great exhibits, but we usually skip it. It is best seen with a 1:1 child-parent ratio.
The cafeteria is a large sunny room equipped with high chairs. There is no longer any food served there, but there are several vending machines with drinks, snacks, and lunchy items from Atkins Farms. I'm sure the food is good, but it's also quite expensive.
The movie theatre is well appointed. We have seen a couple of shows there.
The gift shop looks lovely, but I've been telling my children for years that it is off-limits to children. I've never really looked around.
The outdoor space is beautiful and we always spend time out there when the weather is nice.
The restrooms are immaculate, cute, and each has a child size potty. Best restrooms ever.
Parking is copious, but there is no shade in the lot.

Eric Carle Museum

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