Jones Library, Amherst, MA

The Jones is a wonderful library with a cozy and fun children's room. There is a story time on Thursday mornings at 10:30. Storytime is held in an adjacent room, which can be nice if you have several children and they can't all sit for a story. There is a very convenient restroom steps away from the main play area. It's very well equipped for changing diapers. This is the library of my childhood, so I admit bias.
In the basement of the building there is a large room for special events. One event I attended (travelling zoo) was so crowded we left. Another event (kids' pop band) was a lot of fun.
There are a few spaces on the street directly in front of the building, but you will probably end up parking in the lot across the street, at a meter. There is a crosswalk.

Jones Library

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