Lupa Zoo, Ludlow, MA

My recent visit here was excellent. The zoo has put a lot of work into improving the landscaping, the insides and outsides of the enclosures, the seating areas. Even the signage directing you around looked fresh and was helpful. The playground had been reinvigorated, too. In all, the facility looked so well cared for, and the attention to detail was remarkable. I was so impressed, especially with my memory of a previous visit around 2006.
I highly recommend visiting here.

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There is plenty of parking here, right when you pull in. Pay at the gate and buy food if you care to.
Once you're in, wander where you will. They have a very wide variety of animals.
This is not the most wonderful zoo in the world. Some cages are so thick with bars and mesh that the animals can't be seen. Some areas are not cared for or are stinky. However, compared to the higher profile Southwick Zoo, Lupa compared favorably in these areas. All zoos are smelly, and all except for a prize few have too many bars on the cages.

A small train ride is adjacent to the giraffes, who have their own viewing area up a staircase.

You can leave Lupa Zoo feeling nickle and dimed, as there are separate charges to enter, for animal food, for seeing the giraffe, for the giraffe food, for the train ride.... catch the drift? On the other hand, the admission price is really reasonable, compared to similar attractions.

Bring a lunch.

Restrooms are located in the main zoo building. As far as I know this is the only restroom location, so use it the first time you pass or you may be backtracking quite a bit.

Lupa Zoo

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