Mt. Sugarloaf, Sunderland, MA

In the words of my children, "this definitely looks like a hiking zone." We parked way up at the top, so the only hiking we did was up the stairs of the observation tower. There are a number of beautiful picnic spots, including a large pavillion with tables beneath.
The summit is very parklike, and the kids had a great time romping around, inspecting bugs and rocks. The view made an initial impression on them, but they quickly forgot about it. My oldest, at 4, spent the longest time admiring the view, noticing that the cars were very small, and lo and behold, the road was small too. The observation tower was alluring as a castle hosting one red dragon and one blue prince.
Take 116 all the way through Sunderland and into Deerfield (over the blue bridge). A couple of intersections later turn right; immediately start looking for the brown DCR sign on your right hand side. The road to the summit has at least one secondary parking area that I noticed, perhaps there are more. There is a $2 parking fee.

Mt. Sugarloaf

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