Chestnut Hill Community Playground, Belchertown, MA

This is an old playground, and that is the "charm." It was put up when wooden playgrounds were all the rage. The kids love crawling through the tunnels and going into the towers. There are no swings, they broke a couple of years ago. If you are extremely safety minded you'll want to know that splinters are a possibility here. On hot summer mornings there is a huge block of shady grass that you can sit on, and on warm spring days there is a sunny bench that you can sit on. Simple Pleasures.
The school also uses this playground. They can't officially kick you off because it's a community playground, but they may drop hints at you. The fifth and sixth graders rush the playground in a wave of heedless energy. My older son runs out and stretches his arms out wide, SO excited. My middle one finds me ASAP and hides behind my leg. Most of the kids are very nice and enjoy playing with the little ones.

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