Garlic Festival, Orange MA

Fall in New England is a particularly wonderful time. Orange is a hilly and wooded town north of the Quabbin. This festival offers music on a large stage with seating on a hill, a smaller stage near the food area, vendors with wares from honey to hula hoops, foods (which do not come cheap, and lines can be long), and other entertainments. There is plenty of free space for children to run. The festival ground is a field which gets mowed for the event, so the "grass" is a prickly and uneven specimen.

It will cost you more than a few bucks to get in, and surely you'll purchase food, drink or garlic while you are there. Not free.

Parking is free and out on a field identical to the fairground. Watch yourself if muddy.

Restrooms are porta potties. Couldn't tell you how they were as I do not go in those.

Garlic Festival

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