Holyoke Children's Museum, Holyoke, MA

Overall a fun place to go. The climbing tower and tunnels are cool, as are the grocery store and restaurant areas. A small toddler area with privacy for nursing and toys is gated off. You can blow giant bubbles (though you probably won't be able to and either will your kids and they may cry over it, if they are prone to that kind of thing). Kids can pretend to drive a construction vehicle and/or an ambulance.
There is a seating area upstairs, but no food for sale.
This museum loses points for grunginess. It's a shame that it is so run down. However the staff are hard working and innovative. The museum seems to be improving every time I visit.
The climbing structure is right next to the water table area. You might want spare socks.
Restrooms are not gross.
The parking is across a park (Holyoke's Heritage State Park) from the museum. The Holyoke Carousel is the first thing you see. Outside the museum is a very small playground with benches around it. You are right by the canal so you can also look at the water. It's clean.
A very small gift shop area sits inconspicuously behind the check in area. They have toys from 25 cents or so, which is nice.
Passes for this museum are available at most local libraries.

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