Mt. Pollux, Amherst, MA

Update: How to Find It

OK. A couple of things. There are two roads, easily confused. One is called Mt Pollux and is NOT the street that leads to the parking area - it's a dead end and signed as such. If you were coming from South Amherst Common you would pass it first and continue 3/10 of a mile down the road to Mt. Pollux itself. Coming from Bay road, if you see the dead end you've already passed the entrance. Adjacent to the drive up to the parking area is a yellow house with a red metal roof. The street looks like it could be the driveway to this house, but of course keeps going. If you have not reached the parking area in about 20 seconds you are on the wrong street. There is only room for one car and tall grasses line the road and mid summer almost choke it.
Hope that helps!
Original Post:
Just off SouthEast St. in Amherst is a small road leading up a hill to a parking area with half a dozen spots. Leading up the hill is a path through a meadow (home to small yellow butterflies in number). At the top of the hill you have a 360 degree view of trees, mountains, and steeples. Several enormous shade trees and a few benches make this a divine picnic spot.

The Amateur Astronomers Association meets here.

Paneurhythmy - Meditative movement set to sacred music every Saturday, Sunday and holiday at 8 a.m., Mt. Pollux, South East St., Amherst. Free. 253-0628 or 549-1112.

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