Hadley's 350th Anniversary Celebration

With a parade, farm tour days, lectures and more, and a comprehensive website, this celebration is gaining steam as the halfway mark of the year is passed.
The Valley, and Hadley in particular, have long agricultural histories. Farming as a way of life is alive here in a way that becomes scarcer as food production becomes homogenized and consumers are distanced from food sources. CISA- Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture
Among the many ways that Hadley is being honored this year is with scholarship. Several volumes on the area have been planned.

Tom Pelissier of Belchertown, MA, has written a concise and colorful history of his French Canadian ancestors and the community that they lived in- our community. Tom's background in anthropology lends his short commentary authority and structure, while extensive research into the geneologies of his families has provided Tom with a personal connection to his subject. Beautiful and original illustrations by local artist Nancy Haver, as well as antique photographs, enhance the book aesthetically.

The French Canadians of Hadley Massachusetts; Why They Came and Why They Stayed, will be available shortly at the Hadley 350th Souvenir Shop.

Feel free to email the author at tompelissier@charter.net for further details.

For all of us who share his interest in our region, I highly recommend this volume.

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