Bramble Hill Farm, Amherst, MA

This is an educational farm with many buildings on a rolling landscape. The buildings, land, and animals are well cared for. We've always accessed the property via the Larch Hill Trails by the Hitchcock Center, but there's an entrance by car off of 116.

From the Bramble Hill Farm Website:

The Farm shares a border with The Hitchcock Center (an Environmental Education Center) and the Common School ( a private K – 6 elementary school with a curriculum based on “in-depth studies and experiential learning”). Amherst College maintains several hundred acres of pasture land across Rt. 116 from the Farm, and the Town Conservation Commission maintains land along another Border. In 2004 the Larch Hill Collaborative was formed, with Bramble Hill Farm at the center, to bring these entities together into a working group around shared concerns for the sustainability of the land and the ecosystems which form the core of all of our individual work. The Farm welcomes projects and classes from The Hitchcock Center, The Common School, and other groups interested in learning about and creating from its’ diverse resources.

Bramble Hill Farm

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