Amethyst Brook Conservation Area, Amherst, MA

Parking is ample at the entrance to the trail. This is a walk filled with dogs, so be prepared for that. You will first encounter a wide lane, leading to a field, which borders the wooded area. You will arrive at the brook immediately upon entering the trees. There is a sturdy wooden bridge crossing the stream. It is neither deep nor fast, though in the spring might not be safe for a two year old. If your kids are like mine, you can then park yourself on a rock and drink your coffee while they throw rocks in the water. Have them wear their crocs/water shoes. When/If they tire of this activity, you can wander a number of little trails that all lead basically to the same area. You can't get lost. There are some smaller streams snaking through the woods that the kids have enjoyed bridging with branches and damming up with mud and rocks. Under the trees it is very shady, so early and late in the season it can be chillier than you thought.

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