Universal Kids, Northampton, MA

It's a splurge, at $6 per kid, but this is a really fun activity. Adults are free, but you will need to take your shoes off. Your child will get a bracelet in exchange for his shoes when you check in and pay. Benches and shoe racks for adult shoes are provided in the entry area.
In the middle of a cold snap there is nothing like romping around in an indoor play area. I like this one specifically because it is so modest. Your child doesn't get lost in a three story play structure, leaving you helpless on the ground. If the kids are older they might find this play area disappointing, I suppose, but mine don't yet. In addition to the playground, there is an open space with hula hoops, balls of various sizes, mats... It really encourages movement. Across the hall is a concession area with seating ("no outside food" - but the juice and small goldfish packets will be reasonably priced.) Next to the seating area is a play space with some dress up items, kitchen area, puzzle area, coloring. A little bit of everything but nothing that's especially nice. I've only been here once on the weekend and have zero desire to repeat that experience.
They offer lots of programs, and I think there is a great vibe here.
The parking is free, the bathrooms are great - stools and soap at every sink.

Universal Kids

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