Magic Wings Butterfly Museum, South Deerfield, MA

This is a truly magical experience. This large facility has a greenhouse filled with flowering plants, birds, lizards, and THOUSANDS of amazing butterflies.

Parking is free, the lot is large. You enter into an atrium filled with butterfly art and information. Off to the right is a cafeteria. The food prices are ok, not great. You are not supposed to bring outside food, but I have done so in the past without a problem. The last time I visited my middle son requested a dish of fresh pineapple, which I bought for him even though it was $2.50 - it was a pretty good deal as the pineapple was fresh (not canned) and fresh (cut that day) and the portion was fairly generous. There are two entrances to the butterfly area proper. One is through a gift shop - it looks lovely but is filled with countless butterfly decorations made of glass and other non-child friendly materials. I have steered as clear as possible. The other entrance leads through a bug zoo. Many glass cases contain insects of note, and the displays are really great. You will get a lecture on the rules of the butterfly sanctuary but, in short, don't run, don't kill, and don't touch.
Each tour gives you about an hour in the butterfly area, which is a good amount of time. Aides handle the lizards and bugs and allow kids plenty of opportunity to touch them and learn about them. In addition to butterflies, many lizards and birds are housed here.
Look out - it is HOT in here - about 85 degrees year round. Dress yourself and kids in light clothing. There is a coat closet in the main room that you enter into.

Restrooms were not memorable, so, fine.

Magic Wings

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