UMass Barns, Hadley, MA

The public schedule for the barns is limited. The first Saturday of each month is the only time you are allowed to visit. Parking is in a large dirt lot. A footbridge leads over a muddy ditch, but it's in disrepair. You don't have to take the footbridge, but your kids may not be able to resist it. There are a few shady spots.
Three main barns house livestock, horses, and Mounted Police horses (this one usually closed to the public). A larger exposition building behind the main barns is open at times.
The Livestock Classic , an event held here each year, is a terrific opportunity to see the compound.
During this event you'll find food for sale from a couple of carts, many friendly animals and animal keepers, a small animal area (rabbits, gerbils..), tons of child oriented crafts. We really had a wonderful time at this event.

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