Montshire Museum, Norwich, VT

We've visited this museum only once, but we will surely return. The main floor has numerous hands-on science exhibits as well as a toddler corner/climbing area with a ton of neat surprises (like a bear hibernating in a tunnel). The second floor has more educational exhibits for older children, an enormous ant farm and a stuffed moose! Up on the third level there is a fog machine and the exit to the outdoor portion of the museum. When we were there the weather was frightening, and we ventured no further than the trail head. It looks like a gorgeous network of trails with easy one mile hikes through much longer ones. The outdoor spaces here are really beautiful so we can't wait to go back. We had lunch in a diner nearby. No food is served at the museum though there is a cafeteria provided. I don't remember the restrooms, so I probably found them adequate.


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