War Memorial Park, Amherst, MA

This park is adjacent to the Amherst Regional High School and has proximity to downtown Amherst. You can park on the long drive that leads from the High School to Triangle St. You can also park in the school lot during the summer months.
The playground portion of this park is not wonderful. One very small structure is new, and dinosaur shaped. The rest of the equipment, a couple of slides and a jungle gym, is outdated. There are swingsets that include baby swings.
The wading pool has a fountain and is fenced in. It is best to call ahead because the pool is often closed due to high bacteria count, lightening, or other problems such as repairs to be made.
The phone number for the Mill River Pool (brain center of the Amherst Pool system) is 549-6875.

There is a full size pool in this park also, with proper locker rooms. You may use the restrooms in the locker room as long as they are open.

You may also purchase ice creams and a few other snack items from the commissary at the window where you pay admission to the regular sized pool.

In the summer, day camps use this pool all day long and play in the playground also. They do not go into the wading pool area, but the playground is crawling with them.

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