Winsor Dam and Visitor Center, Quabbin, Belchertown, MA

The Quabbin has many entrances and points of interest. The visitor center is located off Rt. 9 in Belchertown, close to Ware. A State Police Station is also there. The Winsor Dam is a half mile across and offers a spectacular view. It is perfect for strollers, wagons, bikes, etc., since it is paved. One side of the path drops away dramatically in a long steep hill of grass, on the other, soft and otherworldly hillocks rise up from the calm waters of the reservoir.
The visitor center is not a museum but it does have many interesting historical documents, pictures of the valley throughout history, and some animal themed displays like some stuffed birds.
The dam is very buggy, especially with gnats, most of the summer. It has two stone walls which children naturally gravitate toward, and which toddlers cannot really be trusted to navigate alone. The wind can be strong - once my stroller was knocked over with baby, infant seat, diaper bag, etc. It's also quite bright out there, with the water reflecting the sun back and no shade whatsoever. You may continue your hike after you reach the other side, a wide path leads over a bridge, with a view of a waterfall - an overflow outlet for the dam. Once, we continued down the brook for some way on a dirt path accessible by a flight of steps off the side of the main road.
Restrooms in the visitor center are adequate. Parking is free and copious; no shade.

The Quabbin

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