North Hadley Sugar Shack, Hadley MA

During Maple Sugar Season this is a worthwhile place to visit. The restaurant provided an OK meal the only time I ate there. I was pregnant and starving, so that may have helped.

A door leads directly from the dining room to the sugar shack. Free samples of fresh syrup are available. The staff are friendly. Watch your kids near that fire - there is no barrier of any kind and the opening is large. A second door in the boiling room leads outside, to the rest of the activities.

Outside, a double gate leads into a petting zoo area. In the early spring I've found the ground muddy and littered with droppings everywhere - wear boots. However, the animals have very nice dispositions, they are well-cared for; that is the most important criterion for quality. Adjacent to the animal enclosure is a playground area. The equipment is old, but it's tidy.

Seasonally, wagon rides are available, pulled by the most majestic horses - very tall, with those bell-bottomed hooves and thick manes. The route is rather blah, however, and costs a couple of dollars.

The parking is free and the restrooms are fine. There is a cute store there which I'm looking forward to browsing more thouroughly someday.

North Hadley Sugar Shack

Massachusetts Maple Producers Association

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