Hyland Orchard, Sturbridge, MA

Hyland Orchard has something for everyone. Pioneer Brewing company owns this orchard; you can purchase a delicious beer for a reasonable price. Caveat: only one or two beers are on tap outside, but you can purchase different varieties inside. Wagon and hayrides are available during various seasons to U-Pick areas of the property.
The playground is fenced in and is an amalgam of those large plastic play structures that are usually purchased for home use. The petting zoo has some of the cleanest and happiest animals (if not the most exotic) at any petting zoo I've been to. Animal food is available in $1 bags, or in 25 cent handfuls from a dispenser. Human food is available also, but the selection is rather thin - hot dogs and popcorn is the general idea. We have brought snacks with us most times.
A very large pavillion contains the vending areas, picnic table seating, and a stage for musical acts. The music is free. Parking is free. Restrooms are clean enough but there are only two real bathrooms, and they are located inside. There are a couple of porta potties on the grounds, but I have no idea how they are because I don't go in those.
A large lawn forms the center of the outdoor activity, with animals on one side and the pavillion on the other. There are several shade trees. The grass is very nice, too - we have always had a really fun time here. There is so much room for the kids to play and run around.

Hyland Orchards
Pioneer Brewery
Old Sturbridge Village

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