Barnes & Noble, Hadley, MA

The children's section is a mixed bag. Of course, it is filled with beautiful books. It is also filled with so many shelves that your toddler is out of sight the instant he lets go of your hand. It is also filled with toys in boxes that require close supervision so that toddlers don't rip open packages. It is moreover filled with stuffed animals begging to participate in elaborate reenactments of Diego in the middle of the floor where people are trying to walk.
I have only attended one storytime here, but the fact that it was a disaster had nothing to do with the location and everything to do with my day. The story area is a slightly raised stage and is surrounded by child sized tables and chairs. Very cute.
At the other end of the section is the second "play area."
The restrooms are clean and nice, but inconvenient to the kids' area.
The food is Starbucks, so good coffee and high prices.

Barnes & Noble

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