Hitchcock Center, Amherst, MA

Near the Larch Hill Reservation and the Bramble Hill Farm, this low brown building houses a gem of a nature center. Not only a great selection of books for browsing (borrowing if you are a member), but a live turle, goldfish, stick bugs, madagascar hissing cockroaches, millipedes, and more. Stuffed (as in, taxidermically) animals surround you, animal-themed puzzled, puppets and toys abound. There's a clean restroom there. It is a small space. The storytime at 11 on Tuesdays is fantastic and includes a nature walk. The walk is usually well under one mile and geared toward the group on any particular day. It is guided and the children are engaged in nature study- finding tracks, buds or birds' nests.
Hitchcock Center
Hitchcock Center History

Bramble Hill Farm

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