Dinosaur State Park, Rocky Hills, CT

In the late 60s, during excavation of a construction site, one worker noticed some dinosaur tracks in the rock. Turns out, this area is home to one of the best preserved sections of prehistoric footprints in North America. A large geodome was erected directly over the fossilized bedrock. The exhibits inside the museum were not very fascinating, but adequate. The largest exhibit features an indoor bridge across a dinosaur scene which incorporates models, wall murals, and sounds. The track exhibit explains how the fossils are formed and other relevant information. Several dioramas set into the walls show the terrain in various eras. The activity area was very well equipped with art supplies, lots of dino toys, puzzles, models, live lizards, books, etc.

The real prize of this museum is the network of trails outside. The woodland has been cultivated with Jurassic species so that it more closely resembles the terrain where Coelephysis roamed.

There is plenty of free parking.

The restrooms were not memorable - adequate.

There is no food for sale here, but indoor and outdoor dining areas are provided.

Dinosaur State Park

Public Parks in Rocky Hill

Rocky Hill Ferry

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