Lyman Conservatory, Smith College, Northampton, MA

Especially in the winter, when the sight of green grass is a fading memory, this is a nice place to go.
Parking is dismal. There are two (yes, two) spots in directly in front of the entrance. Additional parking is available on Green Street. There is also a small lot up the hill from the Conservatory; I don't think it's legal to park there though.
Inside the greenhouse is well kept, and how could it not be beautiful. Some highlights are a small waterfall (the newest room there), a jungle room with a path through the center as well as the perimeter, a koi pond surrounded by stunning orchids.
The gardens outside are equally beautiful during the growing season. There is a small pond outside the building with bright yellow irises. Paradise Pond, a large pond lays at the bottom of the hill. (You can also ice skate here.)

The restrooms are very nice.

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