Dr. Spooky's, South Deerfield, MA

"I vill Suck zee Money out of your Wallet!"

Dr. Spooky's cost us $26.50 to get in with 2 parents and 2 kids . However, there were a lot of cool exhibits. Spiders, bats, birds, and rodents were the stars of this zoo. There was also a dinosaur section which included killing claw fossils (the second toe of many carnivorous raptors was elongated, curved, and razor sharp), a model of a large pterosaur, and a somewhat disappointing "dinosaur fight" where you basically go in a dark tent and they play a recording of roars and thundering footsteps. The store area had a lot of dinosaurs also. It was open to the rest of the museum (slightly annoying).

On one hand I would love to go back to see it again, on the other hand.... $26.50? I could take us all out to lunch.


  1. So true. There should be a 50% discount if you are a Pioneer Valley resident. Oh, and it should be a little... spookier.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for commenting. I agree about the resident discount - or how about a deal where you can visit Magic Wings, Dr. Spookys, and get a big jar candle from Yankee candle. All you would have to do is hand over a week's pay - it's a bargain at that.