Austin Brothers Valley Farm, Belchertown, MA

Austin Farm is a working farm, so it is not open to the public on a regular basis. However, this fall they plan to have a pumpkin patch, so you can get your pumpkin right here in Belchertown, if that happens to be where you live! They also had an Easter Egg Hunt this year - you can see pictures on the farm blog.

The Farm has been in the Austin Family for generations, and they are truly a farming family. On the day of my visit I watched Mama Farmer corral and feed the ponies, pushing Baby Farmer in her stroller; with a lead or a bucket in her other hand. Girl Farmer explained to my sons that her chore was to clean the fresh eggs and put them in containers. Girl and my boys happily romped all over the mulch pile, scenic road, playground equipment, chicken coops, and open fields.
All of the animals here were well cared for. A working farm is not particularly scenic up close, but having visited a few, it is clear to see when the land is loved. This land is loved.
Austin Farm has a shop that is open year round where you can purchase grass fed meats, including beef and pork. You can also find their booth at the Belchertown Farmer's Market (Thursdays from 2PM-7PM on the Belchertown Common).

Austin Brothers Valley Farm

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