Reed Conservation Area, Belchertown, MA

This mostly low lying and marshy area is home to a lot of wildlife and interesting ponds and vegetation. The trails were wide and the hike was pretty. Two picnic tables in great condition are set out by the pond pictured above.

Reed Property Conservation Area
This 93-acre parcel, located on Gold St., is Belchertown’s was purchased on May 7, 2002. The main goal for this land acquisition was to protect the Jabish Brook, to maintain the water quality and wildlife habitat capacity of this brook. This property is adjacent to Knights Pond, which are the headwaters for the Jabish Brook.
This property already contains an extensive network of trails throughout the entire parcel that can be utilized for hiking, skiing and other passive recreation activities. A 2-acre pond is located on Lot #10.00, easily accessible by car, which is located within the area the Conservation Commission wants to develop into a picnic and fishing area. The Reed property provides the Town and the surrounding community with a conservation area, which has handicapped accessibility, the first in the area. This property is contiguous with other open space areas and will provide a greenway, connecting lands owned by Springfield Water District and the Cadwell Memorial Forest, located in Pelham, which is owned by the University of Massachusetts and is home to Mt. Lincoln.

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