Higgins Armory, Worcester, MA

Parking is ample, and free. Admission is on the pricier side. The exhibits were fantastic, many many full suits of armor, weaponry, a large and fun kids room, stained glass windows, and more. The museum is even designed to look like a castle inside.
The children's area was a large open room. My sons spent most of their time at a model castle, using a myriad of toy horses and knights. There was a large dress up area - I wore the "queeniest" thing my oldest could find. An oversized chess board was surrounded by smaller gaming tables, set with checkers or chess. Other features were a puppet theater, a reading area, crayon rubbings, real helmets to try on.

I was disappointed that they were asking an additional $5 for the kids to make a cardboard shield. I peeked in, to decide whether I wanted to pay that much, and it was a very easy decision. We did not participate in that project. Just a few months ago we made much more impressive shields at home with a diaper box and some hot glue. For free.

There was a gift shop downstairs with several small tables adjacent to it. There was a vending machine with soda and juice.

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