Swift River School, Belchertown, MA

This playground combines an older play structure (pictured above) with a brand new one (about two years old). A fenced in sandbox/toddler play area is provided. A large swingset and tire swing, many advanced climbing structures for older children. The parking is right next to the play area, so you could sit in your car and read, or clean out your car, while still keeping your children in sight. This I like! There are only two trees, and they are rather spindly. They do offer shade - but the real estate is limited! One picnic table is provided. There are no restrooms, and you may only visit OFF school hours. Otherwise, it is a liability for the school for your kids to play there and they will ask you to leave. There are NO restrooms, but if you have young boys you can send them down to the fence in the back. I am still trying to figure out the age limit for this convenient behavior. Since I'm still figuring it out, I suppose my oldest has not reached it yet - he will be 5 in July 09.

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