You took all three? By Yourself?

1. My kids are used to it. We've been dragging them around since birth and that's all they know.

2. Keep your expectations reasonable. Plan to hike or stay at a museum for about 90 minutes. If you are doing more than one activity in a day, schedule a little "van time" in between for your kids to nap, whine, and eat.

3. Don't lug a ton of stuff. Grab a diaper and a few apples. This will cover most problems until you get back to your car. (I mean it - you do not need baby wipes, in an emergency you'll surely find paper towels, or napkins, or leaves, or grass. You do not need changes of clothes - haven't you been wet? And gotten dry? You do not need a beverage for each child - you are family and can all sip from the same bottle of water.)

3.5 Lug a ton of stuff. In your trunk. A full lunch of sandwiches, fruit, crackers, drinks, whatever you like. Nothing can save the day like dry socks/mittens or an extra sweater. An emergency box of crackers or juiceboxes....

4. Wear your baby until he can walk, after that carry a back up sling for when he gets tired. (Strollers will slow you down and weigh you down.)

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