Medieval Faire, Putney, VT

A grammar school in Putney has an anuual fundraiser with a medieval theme. "Rides," including ziplines, a big swing, a haunted house, maze, climbing wall, pony rides - cost you a couple of tickets. Free activities, such as play equipment, a sandbox, storytelling, and music, also abounded. Many of the attendees, of all ages, were dressed in period garb, which enhanced the atmosphere, as did the dozens of handmade decorations. If you have to spend money, this is a nice way to spend it - at a fundraiser for a beautiful school in a nice community.
The autumn drive was lovely with foliage, the sun was warm. Our kids played on the playground took some "rides." We ate some food from home but also made purchases. A wide variety of really delicious items were for sale.
I confess I don't remember the restrooms. They did exist, though. I DO remember nursing my newborn (about a month old), in the shade of a cherry tree, on the grass, on a hill overlooking a scene filled with families. A group of teens clowned around at the picnic table behind me. The sun and sky made me grateful. The band was playing just in front of me. It's a truly lovely memory and I can't wait to return.
Parking was copious, in a large field across the road from the event. I can't recall whether it was free or not! As I said, I had a newborn.

Grammar School

Town of Putney

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