Winterberry Farm, Leverett, MA

The farm is not open to the public on a daily basis. They have a few annual events, including camps for kids a bit older than mine. We are looking forward to participating in them at some point.
We've attended sheep-shearing at Winterberry Farm for a few years now. It is an intimate and special place. You will be guests in a home, not spectators at a show. Jim and Jill, the owners of this lovely wooded farm, are gracious hosts. They live very deliberately along with nature, and invite the public to share their perspective and the joy that they take in the land.
Fiber sales are a big part of the operation at Winterberry Farm. They have different types of wool in various stages of processing that are available for sale.
On shearing day you will have the special experience of watching many sheep sheared, kindly, mere feet away from where you sit on a bale of hay. The experienced shearers explain what they are doing. Kids are invited to ask questions, and are even allowed to touch the pregnant ewes.
The farm is filled with smaller animals - no horses and cows here. Many angora rabbits, sheep and goats, farm dogs and chickens. And some darn big turkeys.
You may use the restroom in the home - remember this is a private home!
Ready to eat food is available for sale on shearing day and at certain other times. Meat in raw form is also for sale.

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