Lake Wyola State Park, Shutesbury, MA

This is a small recreation area with nice amenities. The restrooms were spotless - though I was there on the off season, on a rainy day. Perhaps the restrooms don't sparkle quite as much when the park is being used heavily.
Parking is $5, but that of course includes swimming. Two lifeguard chairs were being installed on the beach during our visit. The beach is quite small, but the sand is nice. Restrooms are adjacent. There is a floating fishing dock. My boys enjoyed the rocking feeling you could get when you tried moving the dock.
Several trails lead from the parking area side of the road. We hiked a small loop that was very pretty. Markers along the way indicated various species of trees on the trail.


  1. Restrooms are well maintained even when it's busy. I was there July 5th, and although one of the stalls had run out of toilet paper, the place was still in decent shape. When I returned a couple of hours later, I could tell the ladies room had been cleaned in between visits. Although there are only 2 lifeguard chairs, I have seen as many as 4 lifeguards on duty. Last summer I was also able to find toys for the kid to play with behind one of the lifeguard chairs in a "lost and found" box. Season passes are only $35, and if you know someone who lives in the neighborhood, you can walk in for free.

    The concession stand guy is good too. Need a hot dog, hamburger, fries, or a giant popsicle- he's got it!

    If you come during January then admission is free and you can see all the guys out on the lake ice fishing and snowmobiling.

  2. Rebecca,
    Thanks so much for the additional information! We are looking forward to returning in hotter weather.

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  4. I have visited this park for more than 40 years. Previously owned by the Bennett's until they left it to the state. Always a great spot for family picnic and swim. Now that it is in the State's hands it is now more affordable and has bathrooms. Way back when, there were two outhouses behind the big barn, where you could change your clothes under the flapping wings of the barn swallows. What great memories of this place. I now visit with my grandson. He loves it! Get there early on hot summer weekends. Parking lot fills fast.