McCray's Farm and Creamery, South Hadley, MA

McCray's has improved it's petting zoo since my last visit, but still straddles the fence between ramshackle charm and dilapidated mess. My previous visit there was so unpleasant that it kept me away for several years. The animals had been groomed fairly recently and looked somewhat healthier than last time, but the smell was still overpowering (in relation to other farms and petting zoos). The beginning of the petting zoo path is well maintained, but the further you go, the grosser it becomes. The duck pond was adorned with lots of trash, as well as the adorable baby duck pictured above. They've removed the dirty but fun "castle" that used to be there. The pig was nowhere to be seen, but his sty was still the stinkiest pen. One of the best parts of the outdoor area is an old tractor planted in the ground for kids to ride. My boys spent more time on that tractor than anywhere else. So, McCray's is a mixed bag.
The store/restaurant is very clean and very cute, with murals painted all around. Cones of animal feed are 3/$1. Most of the patrons that we saw had brought their own bags of stale bread or vegetables, which the animals were eager to gobble.
The restrooms can be accessed from outside and were clean.
The real reason to visit McCray's is for the hayrides in the fall. They have a super scary one for adults, which I have been on and it really was scary! (Well, disclaimer: I can't even tolerate previews for horror movies). They have a more tame version for kids. The lines are often long but these are great rides. Next time I visit here, it'll be for that reason. In a couple years probably, when my kids are ready.

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