Purgatory Chasm, Sutton, MA

Our first visit here was a great success. We hiked the short but challenging chasm, then circled back on a one mile loop. The trails were well-blazed. The "hike" through the chasm involves mostly climbing, some precarious. The kids needed help in one or two places. The only injury to our party, a severely skinned knee, happened on the sidewalk my oldest was hurtling down, so eager to show me that he had just safely descended a slab of rock two stories high. The second part of our walk was a more traditional hike through woodland with really cool, huge rocks scattered about.
The parking area was clean and new, as was the pavillion where we ate our sandwiches. The trails were very well blazed. The visitor center looked very kid friendly and hosts a lot of programs.
If the natural wonder of the place were not enough, they've built a fantastic playground in a clearing surrounded by incredibly tall pine trees. Swingset, climbing structure, climbing rocks, even a spinning, climbing thingy. The playground was so well situated it seemed to have grown there.
Picnic spots dot the playground area and the areas near the parking lots. The spots have barbecues and picnic tables. The restrooms were clean.
We'll definitely go back to explore some of the overlooks and special features.
There is an ice cream place down the road, if you're into that sort of thing!


  1. For some reason the pics on this post arn't showing up..! (maybe it's just my computer, I'll try again later)

  2. Tony - thanks so much for letting me know. I made a wee mistake with the delete button. You guys would love this hike I think. - Sara