West End Creamery, Sutton, MA

Just down the road from Purgatory Chasm, a visit to this creamery/entertainment center was a nice ending to our day.
We ate ice cream on the deck overlooking a beautiful lazy river, varied fields, a mini golf course that looked really nice from a distance.
I didn't see the "Farmyard" or the mini golf because I didn't want to open that can of worms when we were worn out from hiking. We steered clear. The barn houses various farm animals. According to another patron there it's not exactly a petting zoo, but you can visit with cows, horses, sheep, etc.
Before becoming an entertainment center/ice cream shop, this establishment was the milk purveyor for the area. My father grew up nearby, and remembers the half pint bottles of West End Creamery milk that he drank during snack time at school. Somehow it lent our ice cream an "authentic" taste - we learned that authenticity is creamy and delicious, and sometimes comes in a cute little mini cone.

West End Creamery

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