Westview Farms and Creamery, Monson, MA

This was a nice spot to take the kids for a morning. It had a few things going for it and the biggest one for me was the incredible view. For my children, it was the goats. There were so many goats and kids in the enclosure, of all different colorations, all ages. They were some of the healthiest, best smelling, and beautiful goats I have ever seen. For only 25 cents each I bought my older boys wafer cones filled with animal feed (the goats can eat the cone, too).
We used the restroom inside the restaurant (totally clean, totally well stocked), but there was a porta potty provided outside, with - get this- a porta sink, which I have only really seen before at Phish shows. It's an awesome convenience, too bad there isn't a porta sink for every porta potty. The large lawn held picnic tables and various benches lined the sides of the lawn. The playground was clean, though as you can see from the photos, not the modern type.
We packed a lunch, but observed the protocol of "no picnic baskets" on the lawn. We just ate in the car. I was pretty disappointed about that, to be honest. But as the sign indicates, it is a full service restaurant and they do want to make money from their business and grounds.
Next time we'll sample the homemade ice cream, and eat it at the picnic tables. On a visit that does not happen, as I pointed out repeatedly to my eldest, before 11 AM. (Ice cream for breakfast? Check out Flayvors of Cook Farm, who hold ice cream breakfasts monthly in the summer).
During conversation with a couple who live nearby, I found out that the rolling fields in the background of the photos above are pumpkin patches. The large parking area and copious seating are all filled to capacity, I'm told, during the autumn season. I look forward to it.

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