3 County Fair, Northampton, MA

It will cost you a pretty penny, but you'll have an awesome time, too. Last year we paid for bracelets for the kids and it was so worth it. On the inflatable slide alone, which my middle son slid down about 700 times, we made our money back. There were tons of rides that both kids were tall enough to go on.
The food was good, the soda was cold. One child watched a puppet show with Grandma while I followed the other around. There were plenty of animals to look at, and in a special barn a children's paradise - from a toy tractor driving area, corn kernel sandbox, giant pig and horse, and goats, etc., a lasso game, a magnet board.... it was a really well done feature.

We found side street parking quite close - we were lucky that day. I believe you'll have to pay to park, but if you are willing to walk a bit, you can park free.

The dates for 2009 are August 28-30.

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