Lookout Farm, South Natick, MA

Let me begin by saying that my visit here was several years ago, and since then the operation has been revamped and changed it's name from "Marino Lookout Farm" to "Lookout Farm."
The train that runs through the orchards is a delight for the kids. You can board/reboard however many times you like - getting off to pick a particular variety of pear or apple and then hopping back on the next time a shuttle comes by.
At the end of the train ride is a playground including a tree house, hay bale maze, and a bee house with plexiglass viewing windows. They offer other attractions, such as a petting zoo, seasonally. The petting zoo was open at the time of our visit, but little can be drawn from so far back.
In short, this is on my list of places to return to, and we had a WONDERFUL time the first time around. If anything, I suspect that the grounds have been improved.

Lookout Farm

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