Agricultural Fairs 2009

Taking the family to a fair is a great time. The rides are, of course, a treat for the kids, but there are so many more activities that most of these events offer, such as petting zoos/4H animal displays, horse or oxen pulling competitions, etc. Your kids will get a chance to hear music and dance. For me, it's exciting to turn my kids on to their first fried dough, first candy apple, first cotton candy, ferris wheel ride, pumpkins bigger than they are. I had a New England childhood filled with the fleeting sights and delicacies that define our seasons.
Tell your kids in advance exactly how much/how long of everything that they'll be getting so you don't get sucked into a "one more _____ (ride, treat, chance to behave...)" Decide what's best for their ages - maybe getting rides out of the way will deprive you of a bribe - or maybe it will allow your kids to focus on everything else that the fair has to offer. Many of these fairs have parades associated with them also.

I've included many fairs on my calendar posts, July 2009 Events & August 2009 Events. More will be listed for September 2009.

Here's my post on our visit to the 3 County Fair in 2008.

I'll also do a post on the Belchertown Fair (my local and the best around!)
A great list can be found at: Livin' in the Belch

Here are a couple of links that list Massachusetts Fairs:

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  1. Great info, love that map; and good job with the event calenders... They will come in handy..!