Cindy's Drive In, Granby, MA

The kids had free soft serve at Cindy's last week, via the Granby Public Library and the Massachusetts Summer Reading Program.

Cindy's is on 202 in Granby, conveniently close to Dufresne Park and the library. The young woman who waited on us was SO sweet, and patient with the kids. She even made me a tiny tiny mini cone for the baby.
The outdoor seating area wasn't particularly scenic, situated on the pavement contiguous with the parking lot and next to a fence. However, the tables and seats were clean. The ground was virtually free of junk, the trash can was wiped down. I really liked all of that. There is indoor seating also, a few stools at a tall counter. The decor is very cute. And of course they are supporting reading and libraries, which is a great practice.

Caveat: NO RESTROOMS. We had to leave for that reason, though the kids were thoroughly enjoying the play area (pictured above).

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  1. They have opened their private bathroom to the public. You access it through the door on the back side of the building.